What is The Insiders Community?

The Insiders Community is an online research panel for Australian women, set up by Bauer Media.
Bauer Media publishes some of Australia’s biggest and best magazines for women of all ages: The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day, NW, OK!, Harper's Bazaar, Dolly, CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Shop Til You Drop, Take 5, TV Week, Recipes+, Good Health, and Women's Fitness.
As a member of The Insiders Community, you will be able to get involved with Australia’s leading magazines by talking to us about a broad range of topics. You will have the opportunity to trial new products, collaborate with our editors and influence what we are working on next. Even if you don't read our magazines, we want to hear from you!

Why join The Insiders Community?

Having your opinions heard, of course! You’ll be part of an exclusive group of Australian women that will influence the way products and services will look today and in the future.

Our surveys cover everything that’s important to you: fashion, beauty, family, work, fitness, body image, celebrities and of course magazines.
The good news is, every time you complete a survey you will automatically receive an entry into our monthly prize draw.

Please see the terms and conditions link on the bottom of the page for more information .
There are also lots of other chances to win, with prizes being offered on other surveys throughout the year.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member of The Insiders Community by clicking here and filling in the profiling survey, accepting the terms and conditions when asked.

You have to be at least 15 years old and currently living in Australia to be able to join. Numbers are limited, so when you complete the profiling survey you will be told immediately if you don’t qualify to be a member of The Insiders Community . If you don’t qualify it means that part of the panel is full already. We might have more availability again at a later date, so if this happens please feel free to try again.

Once you have completed the profiling survey and confirmed your email address you are an official member of The Insiders Community!

Please be aware that we are a research only panel and your details are safe with us. We will never use your email address for sales or direct marketing, and we will only contact you with surveys or our communication. The Insiders Community only exists to conduct legitimate research on an aggregated level and any information you give us will be treated confidentially.

win prizes & have your say!

2018 in Numbers!

We acomplished so much together this year and all of your community activity contributed to some great outcomes including:
​- The I Agree Tampon Tax conquering campaign
- 265 changes to magazine covers before going to print
- The expansion of our Bauer Media Take 5 puzzle offering
- Our Christmas Gift Guides and Travel Features.